Telephony Dispatching

This solution is an internal Everdelta R&D project, aiming to build the best dispatching web based console specially designed for the railway.

The industry demands features for quick access to recurring contacts, and a wide variety of call types such as PTT (push-to-talk), broadcast and monitoring. The criticality of such telephony systems on the industry are covered not only with Everdelta’s no-drop-call capability but also with different system modes like Isolated Station and Zone Mode. The system allows a distributed or centralized architecture and it can be deployed on physical servers or virtualized infrastructure.

A different set of interfaces adapted to emergency, administrative and operational telephony are offered. The system is compatible with any SIP telephone on the market and legacy PBX systems.

Since it is API based, it can also integrate with subsystems such as SCADA, CCTV and other, making Everdelta’s dispatching system a turn key solution for communications.

Call features