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OfficeApps Marketplace allows your company to develop digital strategy effortlessly. We can develop tailor made productivity apps using our low code platform, following your company’s security requirements.

These apps can be fully integrated in compliance with your company’s specifications (Employee Unique ID; Login; Security; Database access; Charge Code allocation), allowing you to optimize day-to-day tasks, and increase productivity.

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Get to know more of our most popular apps

Office Access Management
Introduce/optimize the requests to access the office, understand and adapt office dimensions to the current needs. Does your staff need space for a bicycle? Or is having a meeting with a client and needs to order vegetarian food for him? Let us help you manage these types of requests.
Planned Time Off

Allows each office to manage the PTO differently per group, department or category, manage compensations for extra hours worked. Let’s allow managers to approve the PTO requests more efficiently and have happier employees.

HR teams can have a general view of all PTO´s that were approved in order to manage them accordingly.

Office Services Inventory Tool
Availability of stationary and materials such as Covid-19 equipment, food, or general office supplies needs to be monitored and managed. A macro vision of stocks of your office and also the nearby offices can help to a better management, and quickly accomodate any needs. Keep track and a record of how the materials are being used, implement email alerting when the stock is below X units. This solution can be integrated with BarCode Reader for easier updating of new inventory.
Email Signature Generator
Automatic creation of colleagues personalized email signature, compliant with the official company graphic line, you can add your Slack/MTeams information, phone number, email address and choose from approved font (size and color). This APP will generate code that can be copied/pasted to your email app, having all data automatically updated on your email signature.
Visa Application Documents Generator
Do your employees need to travel abroad for work? Let them fill the required information and automatically all the necessary documents will be generated for the application, e.g. Sponsor letters that need to be signed by the client. The visa requests can be of multiple types (work permit; client meeting etc) and can have different requirements, this app simplifies the process of getting the correct visa and correct documentation.

Departure procedures are still today one of the least efficient processes in most companies, often tracked using paper documentation.

The tool helps the employee track his tasks, i.e., returning the laptop or the mobile phone; and also collects confirmation that the task is complete i.e. the IT Department would confirm the equipment received. The app allows notification emails with updates on the actions tracked, and keeps a record of the whole process.

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