Rapid Application Development
Hybrid working mode promotes digital transformation.

We offer Inexpensive Rapid Application Development of smart office apps, that help to make day-to-day operations more agile.

Digital Transformation using RAD
Employees still need to perform day-to-day tasks while they are working from home, now is the time to give them the tools they need to be efficient.
People Dependent processes
There are processes such as leaving the company that require multiple managers signatures or multiple departments approval, and are difficult to obtain on this hybrid work model.
Excel CAOS
Many processes are managed on an excel spreadsheet, that is hard to archive, update, share, or simply can be lost because of human error or a malfunction of a computer.
In an expensive way, and in a very short time normally 3 weeks we can go from requirements to production solving these needs for almost any department, from IT to HR, to travel teams, or simply office facilities. We can help to build an easy flow environment.

Office Access Management

Manages Visa request process documentation wise, including sponsor letters or other requested documents.

Time Off

Managing and tracking Planned time off, overtime and accrued time-off.

Office Services Inventory Tool

Inventory and threshold alerts of stationary, office supplies and PPE per office or region.

Email Signature Generator

Generates firm policy compliant email signatures.

Visa Application Documents

Manages Visa request process documentation wise, including sponsor letters or other requested documents.


Manages Departure Process for definite departures, MBA, leaves or transfers. Tracks and logs all requested procedures with all departments.


Tool that informs users of Roaming plan details for traveling destinations and allows requests to activate roaming packs or request MiFi's.

QR Code Business Card

Transforms business card into QR code for contactless transfer of Business card. Creates Wallet Card to store on iPhone Wallet.

CRM Assessment Tool

Manages internal surveys, about process improvements and tools adopted by the firm.


Generates Payslip using information on payroll software.

Yearly Evaluation Manager

Online platform to conduct evaluation interviews, cross and compile evaluation data: returns evaluation results.

Translation Devices Manager

Booking and managing of translation devices (transmitters/receivers), allows interpreter requests.

Therapy Booking Manager

Booking and managing therapy sessions at the office: massage, manual therapy, psychological assistance.

Medical Appointments

Booking and managing mandatory and optional medical appointments at the office.

Expense Reports Manager

Converts general expenses report into detailed per employee information which is then sent by email to each person.

Annual Income Generator

Generates payslips compiling payroll platform information and distributes per colleague via email.

Company Resources Portal

Portal that concentrates all company resources: training documentation, policies, guidelines and other resources. Also allows book training/ guidance sessions.
Main advantages:
Technical information and implementation
Our solution can be deployed on premises and with integration to login and other company API┬┤s, or can be installed on cloud based solutions.
These apps are customized for your company, including the acronyms you already use, such as employee number, office name, rooms name etc.

Our Process

Define requirements with the customer.
Design in sketch to have a overview
test and deliver